Xứ wales vs đan mạch


Notification on KYC Update DRUK PNB ngân hàng Ltd would like to URGENTLY inform all our valued customers to visit your nearest DPNBL Branch office to update your latest KYC information as per the Banks Customer Info Update khung - KYC.

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You may download the KYC – Customer Info Update form through the following liên kết and submit to your nearest DPNBL Branch office.

PUBLIC NOTIFICATION ON MULE ACCOUNT’SIn line with RMA’s notification on mule account và money mule Druk PNB ngân hàng would lượt thích to inform our customers that a `Mule Account` is a bank account belonging to a legitimate person who has tài khoản to be used by another person turns the legitimate ngân hàng account into a `Mule Account`.

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NOTIFICATION ( In Reference to FERR2020)Druk PNB ngân hàng Ltd would lượt thích to notify all its valued customers/importers that asper ‘Section 24 và 25 of the Foreign Exchange Rules and Regulation 2020’ (FERR2020),importers executing advance payments against the import goods from India andCountries other than India (COTI) are required khổng lồ submit the documentary evidence(Customs Declaration Form) of goods having entered the country within 180 daysfrom the time of executing the advance payments.

We request all to download our new sản phẩm điện thoại app & start using it. Please điện thoại tư vấn our Hot Line No. 1313 or you can find the liên hệ of our nearest branch in our website for support.

Public Notification on Online Lottery và OTP Scam

Don’t respond to calls, emails, or messages on lottery claimsNever chia sẻ your OTP lớn anyone via emails/call or any medium of communication even to lớn your known ones.Read the OTP messages to confirm if it is for an activity you have carried out. Check the sender details of the OTP.Remember your service provider will never ask you to nội dung your OTP.Do not mô tả your trương mục no, CID no, user ID,Phone no, và OTP.

Unclaimed Dividends as on 07.11.2022

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Vacancy Announcement

Posted on October 13th, 2022

Druk PNB ngân hàng Limited is pleased to lớn announce the following post vacancies for posting at its various Branch...

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Posted on August 17th, 2022

Please find the Quarterly-Disclosure-June-2022 in below liên kết Click Here for Details