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The shared plate thực đơn at Xu Restaurant includes both modern Vietnameseand traditional Vietnamese favorites. Although the idea of updating và modernizing authentic & traditional cuisine is not new, such experiments have only recently begunto be accepted và appreciated in Vietnam





Vietnamese cuisine is considered one of the richest và tastiest in the world—a well-deserved reputation.

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Indeed, Vietnamese cuisine is simply exquisite! và there is something for everyone!

At Xu restaurant, you will discover all the culinary experiences & the multiple facets of Vietnamese gastronomy.

You will also make a culinary choice by choosing Xu because each region is represented, & our chef presents menus inspired by the most outstanding regional specialties.

The cuisine of the North of Vietnam differs from that of the South or the Center and at Xu restaurant, we deliver the secrets of Vietnamese cooking in a quality set up in the center of Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

the menu

Modern Vietnamese cuisine is both true to lớn its roots and refreshingly contemporary.

It sometimes involves the simplification of a complex dish lớn emphasize particular ingredients, or applying new techniques lớn traditional và well-loved meals. & it can also mean extracting well-known ingredients, which are unique to traditional Vietnamese cuisine, và using these ingredients in a completely new way.

glutenfree set menu
set menu 4 courses
set thực đơn 5 courses
wine list


At night Xu Lounge becomes a cocktail hotspot with an offering of cocktails, wines and other unique creations along with a variety of snack bites.DJs & drink specials are featured throughout the week.Flawlessly executed in every aspect, Xu simultaneously delights the five senses, creating a singular local dining experience of global proportions.

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& events

the lounge menu

Your Perfect Destinationfor Any Occasion

Our drinks & bar menu

beers và more
Enjoy 1 year of exclusive dining và bar benefits, discounts & offers


Enjoy more drinks, food, và parties for less with 20% off all bills at Xu và private catering, including happy hour bills.


VND25,000,000 total Food & Beverage Credit

for any occasion. Used within the membership period of 1 year from your registering date.


VND10,000,000 credit for selected beverages

for your birthday to be used within one month of your birthday - before or after – this credit can be split multiple times.


it is simple và straightforward!

The Xu membership fee will be VND25,000,000 annually (VAT not included).

Payment upon signing up.

1 year Xu 2022 Membership Program benefits from your registration date

Memberships are non-transferable.


If you would lượt thích to be a Xu member, please contact our team …

Xu 2022 Membership Program



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What Our Patrons Say About Us

" The restaurant is focused on Vietnamese dishes, apart of the thực đơn there is the option khổng lồ choose complete menus where you will be able khổng lồ try all or many of the delicious và sophisticated dishes the restaurant offers as well you are able to choose if you want khổng lồ include the matching wines for the different dishes.The staff is friendly, English language is not a problem and the quality of food and drinks is very good.This is good place to go for a thắm thiết dinner, business dinner or with friends after an excellent food is just perfect khổng lồ go downstairs và continue the evening or night with some music và cocktails or drinks. "
Nacho Cobos

"We chose the four course tasting thực đơn for our last night in Ho đưa ra Minh on our Honeymoon và were highly impressed. Excellent quality food, a story lớn accompany each course from the waiters as khổng lồ the origins of the food và it’s ingredients, and great portion sizes - we were definitely full by the end & given the quantity of the dishes (13 in total) relieved that they were each a little smaller in size! ​We opted for cocktails lớn accompany our meal rather than wine as the cocktail thực đơn was extensive, intriguing & reasonably priced. A great atmosphere both in the restaurant and downstairs lounge. What a great way to lớn celebrate our final evening in this vibrant city."

Josh Turner

"XU Saigon is an amazing restaurant in Ho bỏ ra Minh with a lively cocktail lounge downstairs. The restaurant is plush và stylish but without feeling pretentious and focuses on developing a menu that includes traditional và modern Vietnamese cuisine. The food and service were all fantastic!! "

East London Girl