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All New Skate Classics: Built Extra Tough on the Inside For Skateboarding

Completely redesigned for modern skateboarding, the all-new Skate Classics collection delivers more of what skateboarders need to enable maximum progression. 

The repositioned DURACAP™ reinforced underlays and fully redesigned uppers, combined with a new two-part foxing tape that features a deeper knurl pattern on the toe, make the new Skate Old Skool durable enough khổng lồ withstand daily skateboarding abuse.

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For more board control, the new molded heel counter và internal tongue straps loông chồng in your feet. Even the gum rubber sole that made famous has been elevated with the SICKSTICK™ rubber compound to lớn deliver more grip và boardfeel.

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Plus, POPCUSH™ energy return sockliners provide superior cushioning and impact protection while helping lớn lessen leg fatigue for longer skate sessions. Internal heel stiffeners have sầu also been added khổng lồ provide more support and stability.

The new Skate Old Skool’s updated foxing tape & sturdy suede and canvas uppers give you the iconic look you want while bringing all the performance benefits skateboarders dem&. And be sure lớn look for the new checkerboard flag on the side to guarantee that you’re getting the best in style và modern skateboarding performance. 

INCREASED DURABILITY - DURACAP™ reinforced materials, deeper knurl texture on the toe bumpers, and higher sidewall heights provide a more heritage look with increased durability and protection.FULLY REDESIGNED UPPERS - Reconstructed with a molded heel counter và internal tongue straps for a locked-in fit và more board control.LEGENDARY GRIP - Our new, proprietary SickStick™ gum rubber compound is our stickiest rubber yet.POPCUSH CUSHIONING - Our best cushioning and impact protection. POPCUSH™ energy return footbeds help protect your feet while helping lớn lessen leg fatigue for longer skate sessions." data-product-title="Skate Old Skool |" data-main="$583x583$" data-unisex="false" data-part-number="FCBOFW" data-variation-id="Off White" src="$51x51$" data-description-image="" data-product-data=""styleCode":"0A5FCB","colorCode":"OFW","colorDescription":"off white","analyticsStyleColorCodeCheckEnabled":"true"" data-badgeattrvalue="" data-badgesrc= >
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