Inthis article, wewill try todescribe perfectly clear và indetail the process ofunlocking the bootloader, using new smartphones from mi for the example: Redmi 5and Redmi 5Plus. The sequence ofactions và the basic principles ofunlocking onthese smartphones are identical, sowedecided tocombine them and describe everything inone article.

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Since these smartphones are quite popular, wedecided todescribe the whole process from start tofinish. Tostate all the details asmuch aspossible, toindicate possible mistakes, when carrying out certain actions, aswell ashow tocircumvent them. This will save your precious time searching for the necessary information onthe Internet.



First ofall, itconcerns Chinese smartphones. Often they donot have the right language for your country. You can choose only between English, Chinese (several options) và some others that have nothing todowith the Cyrillic alphabet.

The bootloader isacomputer program that gives permission toinstall any programs & firmware.

Install the keyboard with the presence ofthe required language isnot difficult, but will have tosuffer from the interface language. For some ofthe users isenough for the thực đơn inEnglish, but most users would bemore comfortable with their native language.


The fact isthat onthese smartphones, there isnoway toput aglobal firmware with alocked bootloader. Ifyou try todothis, then just get abricked phone.

Also, the unlocked bootloader allows you toinstall acustom recovery (TWRP) later, which inturn will give you the opportunity toget ROOT— rights toinstall various patches & scripts, third-party firmware and much more. But this isanother topic. Today, our task istoinstall aglobal firmware, with the tư vấn ofthe native language.


There are several ways tocheck the bootloader condition.

WAY 1. Using asmartphone.


Todothis, goto„Settings”— „Additional settings”— „Developer options” *. Và select the „MiUnlock status”— „Check ifthe device islocked”.

Ifwesee the „The device islocked”— itmeans the bootloader islocked.

*Ifyou donot have the „Developer options” option, you need togoto„Mydevice”— „All specs” & click 8times to„MIUI version ”. There should beanotice, „You have become adeveloper”. After that, you can gotothe above path and kiểm tra the status ofthe loader.


WAY 2. Using acomputer.

Todothis, you need toturn your smartphone into „fastboot mode” (turnon, hold down the volume down button và turn onthe smartphone, wait for the image ofthe MiBunny onthe screen).


Connect the phone tothe computer with aUSB cable. OnthePC, press the key combination „Win + R”, the input đầu vào field will open. Inthe field, type the command „cmd” (without quotes). Acommand line opens, inwhich wewrite the command „adb” (without quotes), press Enter. Tofind out information about the loader, type the command: „fastboot oem device-info” (without the quotes), press Enter. Ifthe loader isunlocked, the display will read: Device unlocked: „true”. Ifnot, the value isset to„false”.


Ifyou have not unlocked the bootloader earlier, then you are likely toget information that the bootloader islocked. Gotounlock.


Apply for unlocking the bootloader.Get approval from the manufacturer for unlocking.Install developer (weekly) firmware.Unlock the bootloader.

Approval may take upto10days but usually occurs faster.


Toapply, click onthe link— itwill send you onofficial MIUIsite.


Inthe window that opens, click „Unlock Now”

Inthe next window, you must enter the login credentials inthe MI— Account. Ifthe tài khoản does not already exist, you need toregisterit.


After logging into your account, fill out the form, the fields are signed inthe screenshot below.

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Inthe first field, enter aname. Itisconvenient touse Google Translator tofill inthe fields. Ifthe Chinese version ofthe site— wetranslate into Chinese (simplified).

Inthe second field, you must select your country from the drop-down list.


Inthe third— enter the number ofyour phone (without +7, 8, etc.)

Inthe fourth weindicate the reason for unlocking the loader. You can specify something lượt thích this: „Toinstall the global version ofthe firmware with the presence ofthe native language.” Asinthe case ofthe name, fill the cell inthe language inwhich the site iswritten.

Donot forget tocheck the box atthe bottom ofthe window & press the green button.


Averification code will besent tothe specified phone number, which should beentered inthe corresponding field ofthe next window và the green button ispressed.


ifthe code isright & everything went well, awindow with agreen tick will appear, symbolizing the successful completion ofthe application.



Now itremains towait for the SMS from the manufacturer, inwhich itwill bewritten that you have received consent tounlock the bootloader. SMS will look lượt thích this.


The approval can take upto10days, but asarule, this process takes much less time. Most often ittakes from 12to24hours. After receiving the long-awaited SMS, you can proceed tothe next stage.


This step can beperformed inadvance, without waiting for approval, the main thing todothis isbefore unlocking the loader.

Inorder for the unlocking tobesuccessful, you need toinstall the latest version ofthe Developer ROM.

The latest versions ofthese firmware (atthe time ofthis writing) you can tải về here:

Redmi5 China Redmi5 Plus China


After receiving approval from the manufacturer, the first thing todoistocheck ifthis điện thoại cảm ứng istied toanMIaccount. Ifthis isnot done, then the following error will appear when unlocking the bootloader inthe „miflash unlock” program:


Todothis, gotothe item: „MiUnlock status”— „Check ifthe device islocked”. Wealready described how todoit (Way1). Tobind, click „Add account and device”. After alittle thought, there should beaninscription: „Added successfully ......”


Also, when binding, you may receive error 10008: .......


This error occurs inthis case ifyou can not connect tothe hệ thống onwhich you are binding. Inthis case, the „DNS Changer” program will helpus. The principle ofthe program isquite simple, after installation và startup, itisnecessary toenter DNS 1and DNS 2addresses (asinthe screenshot) và press „START”. Give permission toconnect byclicking „OK.” After that, the program interface changes togreen và „Connected” appears.


Now dothe addition function „Add account và device” again. Now problems should not arise. Weare waiting for the treasured inscription: „Added successfully ......”

Wedon’t need this program anymore, you can deleteit.

Now download the program MiFlash Unlock:

Download miflash unlock 2.2.624.14

Unpack the archive tothe root ofdrive C: /

Run the program using the file miflash_unlock.exe


Next, wedescribe the order ofactions:

Werefuse from responsibility, wepress „Iagree”.Enter login and password from your MI-account, click „Sign in”.Wewait while the program will check upthe permission tounlock.Ifthe permission was received, the window with „Unlock” will appear. The „Unlock” button isnot active. Now weneed toconnect the điện thoại inthe „fastboot mode” tothe computer using aUSB cable (how todothis, wedescribed above, weremember the hare inafur hat).Ifthe smartphone isdefined bythe program, the „Unlock” button will become active, pressit.Awarning box will appear with acountdown, after 5seconds the „Unlock” button will beactivated, pressit.The unlock process will begin.The process ended infailure. The program informsus that itisnecessary towait another 219hours.


The most unpleasant moment ofunlocking the bootloader is360 hours ofwaiting.

Previously, this process boiled down towaiting for approval (upto10days, but infact much faster), after receiving which you could easily unlock the device. Now you need towait for approval, & then another 360hours, & this means 15days.

This process cannot beaccelerated byany means.

Ifyou have only English and Chinese inyour điện thoại thông minh after purchase, then you will have touse itfor half amonth minimum. Aswehave already said, you can install the global version ofthe firmware (orany custom), only after unlocking the bootloader. Ifyou read this article, you understand that everything that iswritten initisdifficult for you orifyou simply donot want towait 15days, then you should pay attention tothe global versions ofthese smartphones.

Inaddition tothe firmware, the global versions ofthe device differ from their Chinese versions, the presence ofacharger with aeuro plug (noneed for anadapter for outlets), aswell assupport for Band 20LTE (for some regions this isvery important).

After 360hours, after manipulating the program miflash_unlock, you should get something lượt thích this:


After successful unlocking, restart the phone.

Congratulations! Now you can start installing custom recovery and điện thoại cảm ứng firmware, but this isthe topic ofthe next article.