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Cao Cao (c. 155-220 CE) was a military dictator in ancient china during the kết thúc of the Han dynasty. Something more than a mere warlord, Cao Cao supported a puppet emperor và governed a large area of northern China. His attempts lớn unify...

The Battle of Red Cliffs (also known as the Battle of Chibi, 208 CE) was the pivotal engagement between the forces of Northern đài loan trung quốc led by the warlord Cao Cao (l. 155-220 CE) và the allied defenders of the south under the command of Liu...

The Early Three Kingdoms Period in ancient China, from 184 CE lớn 190 CE for the purposes of this article, was one of the most turbulent in China"s history. With an ailing Han government unable to lớn control its empire, brutal localised wars...

Ancient trung quốc produced what has become the oldest extant culture in the world. The name "China" comes from the Sanskrit Cina (derived from the name of the Chinese Qin Dynasty, pronounced "Chin") which was translated as "Cin" by the Persians...

Cao Cao (d. 220 CE), the Chinese warlord, recites a poem prior lớn the Battle of Red Cliffs. (Summer Palace Beijing)
A 17th century CE idealised portrait by Wang Qi of the North china warlord và military dictator Cao Cao (d. 220 CE).
The entrance ramp lớn the tomb excavated near Xigaoxue in Henan province which Chinese authorities claim as the tomb of the military dictator Cao Cao (c. 155-220 CE).
The Han Dynasty (202 BCE - 220 CE) was the second dynasty of Imperial đài loan trung quốc (the era of centralized, dynastic government, 221 BCE - 1912 CE) which established the paradigm for all succeeding dynasties up through 1912 CE. It succeeded the...
A terracotta bust of the Etruscan god Tin/Tinia, head of the pantheon và equivalent khổng lồ Zeus/Jupiter. 300-250 BCE. (Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich)

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