Mac relentlessly red lipstick review & swatches


Claims : Inspired by Ruby Woo’s overwhelming popularity and one-of-a-kind texture, M•A•C introduces new bold shades in its Retro Matte finish.

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Eye-catching colours lượt thích Dangerous & All Fired Up create a look that’s fiercely feminine

 Price : Rs 1,450



Relentlessly red is a very in-the-face cool toned pinkish red with coral undertones. It almost has neonish kinda color. Very bold. I absoluuutely love this lipstick.

It is not the creamiest lipstick you’d come across but it goes on smoothly on lips.It is a suuuper pigmented and suuper opaque.It stays on around 6 hours one me and after that also it leaves a stain behind.

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It stays on until I remove it with a makeup remover.It is a matte finish lipstick.You have to have your lips in good condition khổng lồ apply this lipstick or it would make very flaw on your lips appear visible.Definitley apply a lip balm underneath or the lipstick can be quite drying. I find it okay. It’s not uncomfortable at all.It does not smudge , or feather.Works for all skin tones. It’s just the matter of how bold you want lớn go.