Hada labo gokujyun premium hyaluronic milky lotion review



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Milky Dress Premium is a Korean cream for both face & body. The hàng hóa promises a whitening brightening effect, và new luster to lớn dull skin.

Milky Dress Premium is a cream that is completely a pure white color, và feels quite highly concentrated. Kinda similar to lớn TonyMoly Panda’s Dream trắng Magic Cream but thicker in texture. I kinda get the feeling of baby’s butt ointment? Milky Dress Premium is just so pure white! The product is both a face and body cream. Use it wherever you want to look extra pale. (An ideal that is very common in Korea)

Milky Dress Premium promises a brightening whitening effect of the skin. And sure, you might feel a micro-percent “whiter” & brighter when applying this product. But we’re talking a marginal effect. The hàng hóa claims however, a noticeable brightening whitening effect after 4 weeks of use. So this korean hàng hóa basically bleaches the skin lớn look whiter?

The scent of this korean cream is really pleasant & fresh. I get the feeling of strawberry milkshake. Milky Dress Premium is easily applied và absorbed well by the skin. Skin feels moisturized, smooth and soft. I think the product is mainly suitable for normal, combination, dry or mature skin. Milky Dress Premium might be too heavy on oilier skin types?

Exciting that this product is both for face & body.

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Milky Dress Premium feels really caring as a face cream / day cream. It’s not as if you have toàn thân lotion on your face or anything. A really good Korean sản phẩm for the cheap price of 10 euros / 100ml. Và for a day cream that’s really cheap và affordable. Perfect to lớn have in your bag after the gym. I lượt thích this korean product!


Milky Dress Premium promises an “instant whitening” effect of the skin. Meaning brighter whiter skin right away. This sản phẩm has a patented whitening formula và also won awards. There are a lot of images on the web showing whitening results using the Milky Dress Premium. People who have supposedly brightened & lightened their skin tone by several shades. There’s a marginal difference in the skin tone just after application. But when the cream is fully absorbed by the skin, there’s no noticeable difference at all. Maybe this korean hàng hóa whitens your skin gradually at daily use for at least 4 weeks?

If you’re looking for a cheap và affordable Korean whitening brightening day cream, giving new luster lớn dull tired skin. Then Milky Dress Premium is definitely something for you.

Product: Milky Dress PremiumPrice: 100ml / 10 euroFormula: The sản phẩm promises milky skin & a lighter, brighter skin tone within four weeks use. The product brings new luster to lớn dull tired skin. Both face and body. Patented whitening effect.Skin type: All who wants a lighter brighter skin tone. Not for very oily skin.