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Barca "missed an opportunity" vs. Real Madrid in El Clasico (1:29)Alejandro Moreno believes Real Madrid were vulnerable, but says Barcelona were not able to lớn capitalize in El Clasico. (1:29)


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Or, as Pep Guardiola put it: "There are players who play positions, and there are players who play football. Foden plays football."

Foden aside, đô thị had this game wrapped up at 3-0 by half-time. Guardiola lavished praise on Brighton"s second-half performance, & it"s great that they kept going, but it"s obviously not a concern for City: you imagine things might have been different if the score had been closer. They"re two points off the pace và ready to lớn pounce: not a bad spot in which khổng lồ find yourself.


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First, Roma were 2-1 down in that Bodo Glimt match at half-time, when he brought on three starters. & they were 3-1 down at the hour mark when he sent on two more (Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini). Và then it finished 6-1. Second, there"s a world of difference between hammering your players in public for playing poorly và flat out questioning their quality. Third, most of these guys are young players who, while perhaps not superstars, were good enough to lớn play a big part in an injury-riddled Roma team that reached the semifinal of the Europa League last season và was in the đứng top four as late as mid-March. Fourth, even if they were a pile of rejects và you never want khổng lồ see them again, surely throwing them under the bus like this only makes it harder lớn sell or loan them in January which, you assume, is what Mourinho wants to lớn do.

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Roma recorded losses north of $200 million last season. They were the biggest net spenders in Serie A over the summer, but they"re not going lớn become Manchester đô thị overnight (most likely, ever). Mourinho -- the highest paid coach in Serie A -- knew this when he took the job, so why act this way? địa chỉ it lớn the long danh mục of Mou Mysteries.

Tottenham an exercise in sterile possession at West Ham

Spurs lost 1-0 at West đắm say on Sunday & afterwards, Nuno Espirito Santo said they "controlled the game" và were the better team. Sure, if you get points for keeping the ball. But score is kept by goals & goals require shots, ideally from inside the box. & those are hard to come by when you get just nine touches in the box in the entire game.

West mê mẩn are a cohesive, tough nut khổng lồ crack và they"re continuing the good work from last season. And yes, given the preseason and early-season chaos at Spurs, your inclination is lớn give Nuno a pass. But crowing about your possession in a trò chơi when the opposition sits off you and looks khổng lồ counter doesn"t help.