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Written by Jered Bogli, Volunteer Director () The Northwest Trail Alliance is thrilled khổng lồ announce we have hired Lisa Olivares as our full-time Executive Director. This is a huge step forward for the NWTA, which has been a volunteer-led & run organization for over 30 years. Staffing a full-time Executive Director helps ensure the organization … Read More

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Win these wheels NWTA truly appreciates the members that help us build và maintain mountain bike trails and a strong mountain bike community. Thanks to lớn Chris King Precision Components, one of our most active và dedicated sponsors, we are giving all members a chance khổng lồ win a sweet prize. This applies to lớn everyone who is … Read More


Written by Ali Evershed The vision for Fanny’s Yer Aunt began in September 2020, when Nancy Stone was the only woman seated at the table to plan future trails at Rocky Point. Staring at the underrepresentation in the room she thought, “What if we create a trail that’s designed & built by all women?” Nancy … Read More

Written by Jim LeMonds Every hiker & mountain biker who utilizes trails on the south, east, và west sides of Mount St. Helens will benefit from a remarkable effort by Northwest Trail Alliance volunteer trail crews on August 20. In partnership with the US Forest Service – Gifford Pinchot NWTA hosted a weekend campout at … Read More


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Written by Elaine Bothe, NWTA Instructor “What should I carry in my pack?” was a question a student asked during the NWTA Intro to Ride Leader Training session held on August 7, 2022, at Rocky Point. A sold-out group of six riders joined the class on a warm Sunday in August. Sticking to a particularly … Read More


Written by Elaine Bothe, NWTA Instructor Warm weather didn’t keep these kids at home! The August temperatures rose as we phối up for the “Green Geckos” Kid’s Class at Rocky Point but that didn’t keep these awesome kids indoors! A high of 100 was predicted in Portland, but a pleasant breeze, shady trails, plenty of … Read More

Written by Ruandy Albisurez, Community Director () August 4, 2022, was the first official NWTA BIPOC jump clinic (BIPOC stands for Black and Indigenous Peoples & People of Color). It was held at Gateway Green in Portland. The clinic was organized and led by Ruandy Albisurez, Myles Ridge, và Jason Van Horn. We had 15 … Read More

Written by Paul Hobson, Vice President () The US Forest Service has announced that the gravel road connecting the end of the single track of the Plain of Abraham Trail lớn Spirit Lake will be closed for maintenance during the week this summer. What this means: 1) You cannot ride the full Smith Creek Loop … Read More

In partnership with Portland Parks & Recreation; NWTA và Elaine B, Bikes is excited to lớn announce progressive mountain xe đạp skills instruction for 8-12-year-olds at Gateway Green. We are also happy to announce that coaches Myles Ridge, Deidre Iwersen và Peter Melton will join head coach Elaine this season. These 4-day camps (Monday – Thursday 9 … Read More

Written by Allie Hurtgen, Certified Mountain xe đạp Coach The Trail Sisters cannot get enough of Fanny’s Yer Aunt! On Sunday, July 24th, we got together for an intermediate/advanced skills clinic at Rocky Point. We started the morning working on skills that the trails at Rocky Point command: braking, steep descending, ratcheting, and low ready position. … Read More

Written by Ruandy Albisurez, Community Director () The Northwest Trail Alliance’s first all Black và Indigenous Peoples và People of màu sắc (BIPOC) beginner mountain bike clinic was held July 12, 2022, at Gateway Green xe đạp Park in Portland Oregon. The original 8 slots filled up in about an hour so a few more spots were … Read More

Written by Nancy Stone, Education & Sustainability Director (org) The Trail Sisters are at it again at Rocky Point! This time a group of 11 folks joined the beginner-level ride on Monday evening. Before hitting the trails, we learned how to vì a pre-ride xe đạp safety check as well as a few quick exercises on bike/body separation. … Read More