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Apple has reinvigorated its phablet without rewriting the playbook thanks lớn its smart touch 3d technology and a more power nguồn under the hood. It"s not the nâng cấp some will have been hoping for, but it"s the tăng cấp we"ve got.

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Update: Apple has confirmed the iPhone 6S Plus will get an upgrade khổng lồ its new operating system - iOS 11 - later this year, bringing with it a host of new features to lớn reinvigorate the phablet.

In năm trước Apple finally gave us an iPhone which offered a display lớn rival its app android flagship counterparts, while enabling you lớn really take advantage of the apps, games, movies and TV shows in its expansive libraries.

The iPhone 6 Plus was expensive, but there"s no denying it was well received. Apk fans will continue to lớn berate táo apple for its seemingly copycat "innovation", but the plain fact is that the 6 Plus was a great handset, with all the power nguồn of the iPhone and a much longer battery life.

It"s no surprise then, that táo bị cắn returned in 2015 with the refreshed iPhone 6S Plus, và then followed its phablet line up again in năm nhâm thìn with the iPhone 7 Plus.

While it may no longer be top-dog in Apple"s line up, the Cupertino firm has confirmed it will bring the tiện ích ios 11 update to the handset, meaning it"s still a more than viable option for those looking for a new phone.

As you"ve probably guessed from the "S" handle in its name, the 6S Plus is more of an incremental tăng cấp over the 6 Plus rather than a re-imagining of Apple"s điện thoại thông minh range.

It might be a stretch for current 6 Plus incumbents to lớn justify upgrading lớn the new iPhone 6S Plus, but it"s got a few fancy features you won"t find on older iPhones.

iPhone 6S Plus specs

iPhone 6S Plus price

The iPhone 6S Plus inherited the price tag of its predecessor, but since the arrival of its successor - the 7 Plus - apple has not only cut the price, but also removed the 16GB and 64GB models entirely.

Apple has introduced a new storage option though, with a 32GB model now lining up alongside the 128GB 6S Plus. The 32GB variant will phối you back $649 (£599, AU$1,079) - which is cheaper than the launch price for the now discontinued 16GB phone.

The 128GB model – which we tried out for this reviews – launched at $949 (£789, AU$1,529), but can now be had for $749 (£699, AU$1,229). The good news in the US is that the phone does come unlocked at these prices & works on any carrier, GSMA or CDMA.

Unsurprisingly that put the 6S Plus up against vị trí cao nhất phones, rubbing shoulders with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy cảnh báo 5, LG G5, OnePlus 3 & Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.

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There"s no mistaking the incremental credentials of the iPhone 6S Plus when it comes lớn design. It looks identical to the iPhone 6 Plus, and I mean identical. Remember the iPhone 4 & 4S? It"s like that.

In fact, the only obvious marking that differentiates the 6S Plus is the small "S" biểu tượng logo on the rear below the word "iPhone" – although it will be covered by your hand 90% of the time (or 100% of the time by a case).

The sleek, rounded metal body toàn thân continues khổng lồ look and feel premium, with the build quality you"d expect from Apple. After last year"s unfortunate "bendgate" fiasco, táo has looked to lớn reassure people that its latest smartphone duo are tough. This isn"t strictly necessary, given that we"d have expected last year"s models to be strong enough to lớn get through a couple of years of use, but some clarification was needed.

Both the iPhone 6S & 6S Plus thể thao what hãng apple is calling "7000 series aluminum", which it claims is a lot stronger. Who wants khổng lồ volunteer up their new iPhone 6S Plus for a bend test?

The 6S Plus is still a beast in the hand, with Apple"s insistence on the sizeable bezels above and below the display ensuring its supersized dimensions.

The 6S Plus is ever so slightly thicker than its predecessor, gaining an additional 0.2mm in girth. You won"t notice the addition, và I suspect táo apple needed a little extra space lớn squeeze in its 3d touch technology.

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It"s also piled on the pounds, gaining 20g on the 6 Plus, which sees the iPhone 6S Plus tip the scales at a hefty 192g.

It"s fair lớn say, then, that you"ll notice the 6S Plus in your hand & pocket, & it can get a little tiring on the wrist to hold it for extended periods one-handed. Most of the time I found I had to employ both mitts to keep it steady and reach all areas of the screen.

The flat rear và rounded metal edges offer little in the way of grip, which makes the iPhone 6S Plus a bit of a slippery eel. A tight grasp is required khổng lồ ensure it doesn"t make a dash for the floor, although Apple"s silicon case provides both protection và in-hand security for $39 / £29 / AU$59.

Apple"s stuck with the same button placements too, with power/lock on the right and the volume keys on the left, just below the mute switch. During one-handed use I found I needed to lớn stretch a little khổng lồ reach them, and those with smaller palms will struggle more.

There is a silver (actually, pink) lining though: the iPhone 6S Plus has a new color! In addition lớn gold, silver và space grey you can now pick up Apple"s latest supersized điện thoại in a fetching shade of "Rose Gold"... Also known as pink.

The familiar kiến thiết of the iPhone 6S Plus will be comforting khổng lồ the apple faithful, while outsiders may look on with raised eyebrows, mumbling something about a lack of progression from the Cupertino firm. Và they may have a point.


On first viewing the screen on the iPhone 6S Plus is the same as its predecessor, with the 5.5-inch panel sporting a full HD resolution & 401ppi pixel density.

That makes it sharper than the smaller iPhone 6S, which only musters a 1334 x 750 resolution, resulting in 326ppi.

Text & images are crisp và clear, colors are vibrant và images pop, especially if you whack the screen brightness up (just keep an eye on the battery life if you do).

The IPS screen is covered in toughened glass with fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating, và it does a better job than most at keeping the display relatively print-free.

It"s not perfect, & there were still times I had to give it a quick wipe, but compared to many of its android rivals the iPhone 6S Plus is less of a smudge magnet.

As I"ve mentioned, hold the iPhone 6S Plus side by side khổng lồ the iPhone 6 Plus và there are no visible differences between the two, but the 6S Plus has a hidden bonus feature: 3d Touch.


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