Intel core i5

Best Bench: 71% Base clock 3.2 GHz, turbo 3.8 GHz (avg)Worst Bench: một nửa Base clock 3.2 GHz, turbo 3.4 GHz (avg)

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Best Bench: 72% Base clock 3.3 GHz, turbo 3.8 GHz (avg)Worst Bench: 47% Base clock 3.3 GHz, turbo 3.35 GHz (avg)

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MemoryAvg. Memory Latency79.6 Pts80.2 Pts+1%
1-CoreAvg. Single vi xử lý core Speed84.3 Pts+1% 83.1 Pts
2-CoreAvg. Dual bộ vi xử lý core Speed166 Pts+2% 162 Pts
4-CoreAvg. Quad chip core Speed269 Pts+3% 262 Pts
8-CoreAvg. Octa bộ vi xử lý core Speed285 Pts+2% 279 Pts

MemoryOC Memory Latency91.1 Pts91.5 Pts+0%
1-CoreOC Single chip core Speed91.7 Pts92.4 Pts+1%
2-CoreOC Dual core Speed181 Pts181 Pts
4-CoreOC Quad bộ vi xử lý core Speed332 Pts+2% 327 Pts
8-CoreOC Octa core Speed336 Pts+1% 334 Pts

Market ShareMarket share (trailing 30 days)0.5 %Hugely higher market share.+194% 0.17 %
User RatingUBM User Rating57 %63 %More popular.+11%

AgeNewest130 Months110+ MonthsMore recent.+15%
64-CoreOC Multi chip core Speed340 Pts+2% 334 Pts
64-CoreAvg. Multi core Speed289 Pts+2% 282 Pts

The Intel vi xử lý core i5-3470 is a relatively fast quad core desktop processor based on the 3rd generation Ivy Bridge architecture which was launched in q.2 2012. It scores a good effective speed of 87 (max turbo frequency of 3.6 Ghz). Unlike the ‘K’ model processors, the i5-3470 doesn"t have an unlocked multiplier, so the max overclocked frequency is not much beyond its stock frequency. The i5-3470 features integrated intel HD Graphics 2500 which are relatively weak by modern standards, so to enjoy a good 3d gaming experience a GPU tăng cấp is necessary. Whilst the 3470 is a reasonable, it"s only fractionally cheaper than the i5-3570K which scores an effective tốc độ of 98 and has an unlocked multiplier. Overall the 3470 is somewhat dated và there is far better value available in today"s market. 


This had the best price point for a long time and worked well for that money