Plants Vs

Created by Lynn (Manlan) Li and Jonathan Ruben

The game

We are planning on making a 3 chiều version of Plants vs. Zombies. Plants vs. Zombies is a defend-your-castle based gamewhere zombies attack a house & you use plants lớn defend against them. Plants can shoot to attack the zombies, generate sunshine(which is used to buy more plants), explode or generate obstacles for the zombies. The plants are placed in a grid layout và can attack the zombies that are attacking from its row. When a player levels up, they will be able to lớn purchase different types of plants.

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An example of a 2 chiều version of Plants vs. Zombies can be found here.

There will be a thực đơn in the beginning and the user will be able lớn pick adventure or survival mode. Adventure mode is a mode with levels, each màn chơi will get progressively harder (more zombies) but the higher levels will have more plants lớn choose from. When all of the zombies are dead, the cấp độ finishes. Survival mode doesn"t have levels and the plants will already be there from the start.

to lớn earn points lớn buy plants, the player must collect sunshine. The sunshine is shown by small yellow balls falling out of the skyor generated by the sunflowers (which spit out sunshine after a certain period of time). When the player clicks on the small yellow balls,the points are added to lớn the player"s pointtotal và the balls disappear. Once the player has a set number of points, he can purchase a plant which will either allow him to get more sunshine or fight the zombies.

Sample Images

Here are a set of sample images that will be similar to what we intend lớn create

This image is what the 2d version of plants vs. Zombies looks like.

This image is what we expect the 3 chiều scene khổng lồ look like. There will be multiple camera views, but the art and layout will be similar to what is shown above.

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Example zombie package that will be used in our game.

Techniques used lớn reach goalPhysics Simulations - Use Unity"s physics simulator to model how the sunshine falls và how the zombies fall after they die.Collision Detection - Use Unity"s collision detection to determine when an object shot out by a plant hits a zombie & when a zombie touches a plant.Motion Graph - The Unity store contains zombie & plant objects, và we"ll use those to model plant và zombie animation.Packages & Frameworks used lớn build game

We will use packages and assets from the Unity store for the background và for the zombies.

We will build the plants và their motions from scratch in Unity.

Work DivisionJon:Camera viewsPlants (obstacle plant, shooting plant, exploding plant & sunshine plant)Sunshine and sunshine particlesPoints và plant purchasingLynnCollision handlingGenerating New ZombiesDying zombiesSetting up environment/menuZombie MovingTimeline4/12: We will have the environment set up và the zombies moving. We will also have the sunshine falling và the points system phối up.4/14: We will have the various camera angles working and the user will be able to lớn select between camera angles. Additionally, new zombies will be generated over time.4/16: We will have all of the plants functional và working and we will have zombie collisions built correctly.4/18: We will have levels built and we will have all collision handling built appropriately4/20: We will have the thực đơn built và all versions and levels of the game working correctly. The presentation will be ready & the game will be complete.Package