Banh mi pate thit nguoi

The best bánh mỳ in Brooklyn! It is a small & cozy shop that is easy to lớn miss, but the food they offer is scrumptious. For $6.50, you can get a meat packed banh mi that hits the spot well. You can ask for spicy or non-spicy on your banh mi. They also sell snacks, cookies, rice boxes, nem (iykyk) & handmade Vietnamese desserts. This is the place when you want quick, easy, cheap and delicious food. The staff here speaks Chinese, Vietnamese, and English. I ordered the #1, bánh mì pabửa giết mổ nguội, which is the classic banh mày, their Vietnamese coffee, and a grilled pork & shredded pork rice box to go.

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Quiông chồng và Delicious! We both got the Banh Mi Pate Thit Nguoi and we loved it. My friover said this is the best bahn mày place she knows and I've never had a ban mày before but I'll definitely be back!


First meal in the new hood and it was perfect. This sweet little cửa hàng has some very tasty banh ngươi sandwiches. Grabbed the Pate Thit #1 and Meatball #4. These babies are bigger và cheaper than anywhere else in Brooklyn. Ingredients are fresh and the French bread is light và crusty. Huge selection of cold & hot drinks as well and a great staff. Protip: grab a single pork spring roll from the hot fridge while you wait.

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I am so glad I was finally able lớn try this place! I'm always disappointed with banh ngươi here in NYC. It never is the same compared khổng lồ banh mi in California. The banh mi is cheap compared to lớn other places & the portion is large. I had the banh mi pate thit nguoi. The right amount of pate, vietnamese cold cuts, & pickled veggies. Thankfully, this place does not skimp on the cold cuts. The baguette is tasty; crisp on the outside, but fluffy on the inside. Thankfully, the crispness does not rip into your mouth. The cafe sua nống is also delicious! Perfect for a chilly day. Definitely coming back!The only downside is you might not be able to lớn sit down if it is a little busy. Cash only.

Head cheese / pate usually scares me. After some prolonged exposure therapy here, I am happy to say it does not any longer. A Vietnamese friover recommended khổng lồ pop in here; the sandwiches did not disappoint. Even better, they are cheap! You can walk out with lượt thích 10 different things without a huge dent in your wallet. Service is pleasant and fast. Bread is crunchy và fresh.Go for the #1 for sure "Pate Thit Nuong" above sầu all others. It has a perfect balance of flavor- sweet, salty, zesty, tangy...pretty much everything. It is loaded with đam mê & they don't skimp on the cilanto lớn & pickled veg. There's a perfect amount of each. Second favorite was the BBQ pork then the grilled pork. While I enjoyed them all, I split the sandwiches with friends & we were all fighting over the remaining pieces of the #1. Vietnamese iced coffee was refreshing & hit the spot. Pass on:Tnhị ice tea was eh, though I'm a little biased. It wasn't Thai-sweet lượt thích the real giảm giá khuyến mãi in Đất Nước Thái Lan. So maybe still kiểm tra it out if you aren't looking for a nice 100g sugar treat.Noodle was just decent too...stick with the delicious sandwiches!